SSH Connection using PuTTy on windows.

For this tutorial, first you will have to get information about your Myip service. You will need IP address of your OpenVPN service and to have your Myip user login information. Instruction on how to get your service information, please follow “Host information” tutorial.

  1. Download PuTTy executable here (putty.exe)

  2. Run executable. Select SSH and make sure to have port set for 22
  3. Enter IP of Myip service host.
  4. Give Description name in Saved Session field, and click Save.
  5. To establish connection , select you MyIP SSH session and click Open
  6. You should see a new Command Shell window popup requesting you for username.
    • Enter your MyIP username and click Enter
    • On password request, enter your MyIP account password, and then Enter.

  7. To terminate connection type in logout and then Enter. That will terminate connection and close Command Shell window.