Configuring PPTP on Linux (Ubuntu)

For this tutorial, first you will have to get information about your Myip service. You will need IP address of your OpenVPN service and to have your Myip user login information. Instruction on how to get your service information, please follow “Host information” tutorial.

  1. Go to Network Preferences
  2. VPN Connections
  3. Configure VPN

  4. Select VPN network type then click Add
  5. In a Type of connection drop down menu select Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol(PPTP)
  6. In PPTP configuration window you will need to fillout
    • Gateway - IP address of your MyIP-PPTP server’s IP address, that you can find in Services Information page
    • Username - your MyIP’s account username.
    • Password - your MyIP’s account password.
    • Connection Name - Give this configuration an appropriate name.

  7. Click on Advanced, and then check “Use Point-to-Point encryption (MEPPE).” Click OK
  8. Then click on General Tab and select “ All Users may connect to this network”

  9. Click Save, and now you are ready to test your connection.
  10. To establish a PPTP connection after set-up, go to Network Preferences=>VPN => and click on connection that you just configured.