Configuring PPTP connection on Android

For this tutorial, first you will have to get information about your Myip service. You will need IP address of your OpenVPN service and to have your Myip user login information. Instruction on how to get your service information, please follow “Host information” tutorial.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. In Wireless & Setting go to More
  3. VPN then Add VPN profile

  4. In VPN Profile fill in following fields:
    • Name: Give desired name for profile
    • Type: select PPTP type
    • Server Address: IP address of your MyIP -PPTP server’s IP address
    • Check PPP Encryption(MPPE)
    • Save

  5. After configuring PPTP profile, its time to test it. Click on configured profile. You will get a pop up window asking you for credential information.
    • Username: your MyIP username
    • Password: your MyIP Password

  6. After few seconds, depending on your connection, your should get indicator that profile is connected.
  7. To terminate connection, click on MyIP PPTP profile, and then Disconnect.