Mac-OS OpenVPN installation and configuration

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Client Area page.
  3. Select Services from Client interface.
  4. Click View Details for your OpenVPN service.
  5. Download OpenVPN by clicking on OpenVPN Connect for Mac OS link in downloads table.

  6. After download is complete, install the application.

  7. Once installation is complete you should see a OpenVPN icon at the top menu bar.To establish connection, click on the OpenVPN icon and select Connect To

  8. 8) Then you should see a Pop-up window asking for login information. For username: Enter your username(EX: For password: Enter you accounts password.

    Assuming you entered correct login information, after a moment you should see a notification that connection was successfully established.

  9. To terminate VPN connection, click on OpenVPN icon again, and click on disconnect.